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Award-winning PR Expert with 20+ years of experience.

Karen Taylor-Bass services clients ranging from NY Times best-selling authors, to celebrities, health/wellness experts, beauty and luxury brands and nonprofit organizations.

Over the years, Karen has scored more than 20,000,000 Media impressions for her clients. And in 2016 alone, she authored and serviced 150+ Press Releases.

Karen's unique process will help you...

  • Craft your authentic message for success
  • Secure media coverage & interviews
  • Leverage your brand/business/organization
  • Connect you with people, clients, businesses, and media

Karen’s clients have been featured in media outlets including but not limited to the Associated Press, NY Daily News, New York Times, NPR, WBLS-FM (NY), Hot97-FM (NYC), SiriusXM, Huffington Post, ABC News, Washington Post, USA Today, Philadelphia Tribune, Yahoo News, Oprah, AOL Parenting, Essence, Forbes, and Entrepreneur magazine.

The Process

Karen's proven formula for PR success


Case Study

swim swim swim I SAY

"I want to teach people with a fear of water how to swim"
— Agnes Davis

We redefined the target audience...

  • Minorities — 70% can't swim
  • Special Needs/Autistic — Gravitate towards water
  • Toddlers — 2nd leading cause of infant death

Our Execution...

We created a multi-tiered media campaign, press releases, increased web presence, and media appearances including the Associated Press, Tom Joyner Morning Show, Washington Post, Essence, USA Today, and Crain's.

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