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Who is Agnes C. Davis:

Agnes C. Davis is a renaissance woman with a mission to inspire, empower and inform. She is a unique individual who has lived through the seasons of life and weathered a few harsh winters: divorce, wrongful career termination, depression and being broke. Now, at the tender age of 51, Davis has reinvented and is reveling in the spring of her rebirth. Winning her wrongful termination suit, being reinstated at her job, launching a successful swim company and grooving to happy as a health and wellness advocate.




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Moms: Read This Before You Pour Another Glass of Wine

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According to the Wall Street Journal, ” The growing sales of wine to women can be traced to some clever marketing decisions in the 1960s by California’s vintners.” Women and moms love wine. Everyone tells us that wine is healthy to have. I don’t disagree, but there are always a few things to consider if you are a woman, nursing mom and busy caretaker. Being part of a cardiac surgical team, a swimming company owner and a health/wellness advocate, I believe everything in moderation will not harm you. I, too, like a glass of wine, but I also can share with you firsthand that you won’t always feel your best the next day. So with that being said, I want to share some tips to enjoying your favorite glass of vino so you don’t look or feel like you drank the whole bottle the next day.
Drink in moderation. Too much alcohol delays your sensation of fullness when you eat, which then causes you to overeat.
Skip the nightcap (please). A glass of wine before bed to help you relax might not be a great idea. You might be thinking the glass of wine will help you relax and it will. Perhaps, consider moving up the cocktail three hours before bed to digest. Even though wine is not packed with carbohydrates and sugar, it still has both as ingredients. Remember, the carbohydrates will get converted to fat.
Water rocks. If you’re going to drink that glass of wine before bed, follow it with water. But lets be honest, who wants to get up and go to the bathroom all night? Pick your poison wisely.
Implement the one glass maximum rule. If you are going out with friends/partner consider babysitting that glass of wine throughout the entire meal. This is a great way to not overeat/drink and save money. Always pace self.
Mommy needs wine. According to physicians it’s okay to have a glass of wine if you are nursing. Make certain you pump before you drink and have tons of water. When you pump the breast milk it should be clear with a minimal trace of alcohol. The medical field says the amount of alcohol that goes into your milk is small; so know that all is fine.
Agnes C. Davis is motivational speaker, health and wellness advocate and the CEO, swim swim swim I SAY (sssIS), the only female-owned and operated swimming company in New York City.