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Real Talk: Many entrepreneurs will fail at launching a business in less than 12 months. Why? No consistent marketing plan and media/consumer exposure. According to – Entrepreneurs starting a business grew 3 times (reported in 2013) the national rate, however, the challenge was staying in business longer than a year. Most people prepare to launch a business, but they do not create a plan to stay in business and compete. It’s my passion to teach a client the magic of gaining media exposure while growing their brand, business and bottom-line with a strategy in 30 days.

Yes. This can happen in 30 days. Once you see the success of focusing on the goal and more importantly, doing the work consistently to stay in business, you will want to do more. Success does not happen overnight, but it will happen with consistency – 30, 60, 90 days to start. Just like you need to shake the blues, your business might also need to press #RESET and commit to a plan in 30 days to start. Get featured right here while pressing #RESET on your brand, business & bottom line. Book your appearance today,

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